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That Night - Samyuktha Ravi


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Mar 23, 2018

It’s been eight months. They found the body.

Sixteen bruises altogether, one large cut around the neck to knock the last breath out of her. Autopsy reports leaked in New York Times says that she survived for an hour and half since the cut didn’t go in too deep but she did end up dying because of no aid to the damages. Eight months, eight months her family thought she was missing only to know now that she died the day she went missing. What happened to her? Was the question in everyone’s minds. What happened to a sixteen year high school student? Why such a gruesome murder? What could she have possibly done?

The whole town of Salt Lake went to mourn the death of Alex Benet, in third street funeral home where her funeral was taking place. Her parents had requested for a open casket service because they wanted everyone to see the horrendous sight that a person did to their beloved daughter. It was a very peaceful yet agonizing and grievous ceremony. I was able to the see the excruciating pain Mrs. Benet was feeling throughout the service. Father John asked if anyone else apart her parents would like to say something about her time in earth. Not a single soul came forth.

I decided to talk in behalf of Alex, “ Alex and I… we were best friends, nothing was able to separate us, she asked me to come along with her to the forest that day, but I had my selfish reasons and told her that I wouldn’t go , that was… that was also the day where we had one of our biggest fights about something really stupid and my last words to her were ‘I wish I never met you’ I am so sorry , I regret everything about that day, everything” I hand the mic back to father John and head out of the funeral home…

Someone pats my shoulder and I turn and see them wearing a police jacket “Ms. Davis, I am Detective Montgomery from NYPD, here in behalf of investigating the murder of Alex Benet, we need to ask you some questions back at the station, this process will be easy if you cooperate with us” I simply nod my head and they escort me to the car.

Minutes later we reach the station and I see Barron, Charlie and Bethany sitting there waiting impatiently as if someone stole something from them “What are you all doing here?” I ask. “that little brat goes and gets herself murdered and we have to be questioned?!” Barron says with a annoyed look on his face.

“Hey! Someone has died, can you be a little more human?!” says Charlie punching Barron’s chest harmlessly. “I am sorry but me and Alex never got along , why I am I even here?” Barron says as he sits down.

“Dude chill! You are here because you were seen in the sight of the murder, like the rest of us” says Bethany, “ wait but I wasn’t there that night, me and her fought at my house and that’s the last time I saw her” I say confused.

“Nope, they have CCTV footage of you leaving the supermarket next to the forest with Alex apparently, at least that’s what I heard while ease-dropping at what those two cops are talking about over there” she says as she points at the cops.

“ if you tell them the truth we all can leave you know” Barron says impatiently. “You want me to admit to a crime that I didn’t commit?! How low can you be” I say disgusted by the presence of him. “argh! You are one of Alex’s spoilt friends , you are capable of committing a murder since daddy will resolve the issue with bribing the lawyer’s and police” he says in a mocking tone, at this point I am enraged with pure utter anger. “ Guys!! Take a chill pill! We all are frustrated, let’s just not talk” says Charlie. I decide to let it go and I take a seat next to Bethany and keep quiet for rest of the time till I get called for enquiry.

Detective Montgomery asks me some normal questions about Alex and I’s friendship and if she had any rivalries with some other person , or if someone despised her and I just reply with a no because she never told me about anyone giving her a hard time. Time passes by and they are still questioning me but this time about my whereabouts that particular day she was murdered , I explain to them about the fight and they show me a video from a CCTV footage and I see myself and Alex walking out from the supermarket at about 12am that night. “Ms.Davis , please explain yourself, according to the autopsy report she approximately died at about 1:30am that night , and since the cut didn’t go in too deep , she suffered from 12:30, and after this footage , she wasn’t sighted at all, you were the last person caught on tape with her” I am completely astonished at this point “ I…I… I don’t remember anything!” I say and start to tear up a little. “Ms. Davis , were you ever diagnosed with any medical conditions?” she asks “ No, why?” I say confused “Ms. Davis, are you sure?, because sometimes the reality you want to believe becomes your new fake reality, dig deep what happened that night?” she says “ I don’t remember” “Lydia Dig deep!!” she says demanding.

“she came to my house, we fought about why I didn’t want to come with her to the forest that day, harsh words were said , I told her to get out and I slammed the door” I say without hesitation. “ do you have any alibi? Where were you rest of the night? What do you have to say for the supermarket incident?” she says without taking a breath. “I DO NOT REMEMBER!” I scream at her . “well I am going to make you remember even if it takes all night” she says and she signals at the cop and leaves the room.

What happened that night? How was I with Alex in the supermarket? Why can’t I remember that night? Dig deep, dig deep, dig deep. I keep saying it to myself. Came home after school, Alex knocks on the door , I answer it , let her in, she asks me if I wanted to go to the forest with her, I say no , we fight, I tell her to get out, I slam the door at her after she leaves. Dig deep. She calls me , I answer, she tells me she is outside my house, I get out of my house. Dig deep. She tells me she is sorry, we make up, I tell her I am fine with coming to the forest if the offer is still up. Oh god, Dig deeper. We both head to the forest, she gets hungry, we go to the supermarket, we don’t have any money, we didn’t buy anything, we come out. DIG DEEPER. We see Barron standing there in the parking lot and he hands us some cookies, we were to hungry so we both went ahead and ate it, felt a little woozy , so I decided to leave , leaving Alex behind! CRAP! Both me and Alex were drugged! Hence I wasn’t able to remember much from that night!

I start banging on the door and screaming “ DETECTIVE MONTGOMERY” “DETECTIVE MONTGOMERY”, she silently walks in, “ Detective Montgomery, was there any sign of drugs involved in her blood from the autopsy report?” I ask impatiently” Yes, why?” she asks , I explain everything to her …

“ Agent Holland , call Barron in right now!” she says. For about two hours Barron denies everything. But at one point he cracks and his made up story stops making any sense and he knew they were onto him. “FINE YES !I DID IT! SHE DESVERVES IT!” “ Mr. Barron you have the right to remain silent, from now on this case will be proceeded legally, you are hereby arrested for the murder of Alex Benet” she says and she signals the cop to handcuff him.

I still didn’t quite understand why he would do such a thing… what could have Alex possibly done to Barron , her own brother…
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