Unintelligible pains


Mar 26, 2018
On that beautiful day the sky was pouring water to the earth to provide a natural cooling to reduce the heat of the sun.As I was filling the drops of water in my eyes, a thousand thoughts began to appear in my mind, as the people spoke to me.

I started thinking more about those thoughts only because they talked about my mother.I felt in their words more jealous of my mother than they cared about me when they spoke to my ear, asking if she needed so many decorations for a woman living without a husband and having too much concern for herself.

I was angry how they could blame my mother for what I was proud of, who taught me to be proud of being a woman.Those who do not know the pain of single mother, do not understand why their hearts are hurt in speech.My mom's pains are so much.

In case of an accident, it is possible to recover after a certain period of time and return to normal life.But to become a single parent, the wounds they suffered could not be easily remealed.The difficulty of not being able to respond to the speech of many is hidden in the laughter of a single mother who works for herself and saves her daughter.

My teacher said think many times before speaking so that others don't get hurt.I wonder how people forget what they learned in school while listening to them.I want to tell my mother all these thoughts. But I don’t want to let my mom know that I know her hardships as she thinks I shouldn’t know her hardships in the slightest.

I have seen mommy crying so many nights.But the next morning, she would show that there was no one who was as happy as herself.I wondered who advises me not to be fake to anyone why should live with a fake face.I never wanted to bother asking my mom for my part.I understood without asking her.All her struggles for me.

Amma is facing anything for my happiness.It is more important to my mom that I maintain my self-esteem than I score high.It is not enough to have a good attitude and education, but the confidence and courage should be the blood flowing in the body of woman.Don't let people around remember talking about us without any work.

My mother is important to me, who goes to work for me and thinks about myself always.Single mother is not a disgrace.We can feel our own pain only.No one cannot realize other's pain.So don't discriminate single parents.

If you are an atheist stay away from worshiping God.Do not make fun of those who worship God and God without retreating.All the single parents are equal to God.If you know the worth and power of God you will not criticize.I knew the worth of God.So will cherish it always in my life.

I want to say so loudly to the world.A single mom is stronger than the whole of the world's men.You can degrade the selfish men but don't utter a single word against a single mother.Try to realize their pains and salute their strength. I vow to give respect to women in my lifetime.Don’t look at my mom’s outfit and look at her courage.

Proud to be daughter of a Single mom.I love you mom.