Reeva's days were moving beautifully with her companions Rintu and Rinky.Rintu belongs to the German Shepherd genre.Rinky belongs to the Pomeranian genre.

Rintu's personality is aloof but not usually aggressive and don't make friends immediately.He has more pride about his large body and the protection he gives to the family.Meanwhile Rinky is a small white beauty and friendly nature to all.

Rintu will not allow outsiders to come inside.So, most of the relatives and friends will call them first to tie the Rintu.They used to praise about Rintu's cautious protection for the family.After sometime Rintu's pride changed to haughty.He started to tease Rinky. First few days Rinky ignored Rintu's worthless words.In her patience Rintu was very happy and made her cry.

Because of Rintu's action Rinky got depressed.Due to her depression she lost her weight and happiness. So, Reeva decided to talk with Rinky in private. First she consoled Rinky with warmth words and asked about her sadness. Rinky hesitated to share her feelings. After a long discussion she opened her heart to Reeva and mentioned about Rintu's words.After hearing Rinky's words Reeva came with an excellent idea.As per her idea the next day onwards family members gave more attention to Rinky and praised about her beauty and quiet nature to everyone.

Rintu tried to get their attention by barking the outsiders. One day he was barking madly with anger.So, Reeva came to Rintu and asked him about his problem. Immediately he told her how big he is and the protection he gives to the family.But the family didn't consider him and his valuable service. They are taking care of that small ugly dog.It cannot be accepted by him.After listening to these words Reeva called Rinky and told both of them to listen to a story.

Rintu told Reeva he doesn't like to hear any story but he needs immediate justice for his complaint.Reeva replied to him politely after listening to the story he will get the justice. Rinky is also eagerly waiting to listen to the story.

Lord Hanuman’s talent was strength, and a quick study of his life reveals endless examples of his using it to the fullest. When Rama’s wife Sita devi was kidnapped by the demon king Ravana, Hanuman jumped, with playful disregard, across thousands of miles of fathomless ocean to warn Ravana to release her.

Then it was time to go to war, and once again it was Hanuman who took the initiative, directing and participating in the construction of a bridge across the ocean to Sri Lanka.While Hanuman was hefting huge mountain tops into the sea to build the bridge to Sri Lanka, he noticed a tiny spider brushing small particles of dust into the water with its legs to assist Lord Rama.

He was about to brush the spider out of the way of his own serious work, when Ramachandra admonished him, said Give up his pride! That spider’s devotional service is just as satisfying to him as Hanuman. Hanuman was serving Rama according to his capacity, and the spider was serving him according to his capacity.

Two powerful lessons emerge here: the first is that whoever we are, we always have something to offer the Lord—and if we serve to our fullest capacity, with all our heart and soul, it will be accepted by Him as first class devotion.

The second is that as we strive to do our best for the Lord, and progress in our service, we should never obstruct or belittle another’s devotional service, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to us.In the end of the story Reeva gave a stern look to Rintu.

She told Rintu due to his pride he went to the peak of haughty. His haughty won't attract any real friends. Our strength is defined by how mentally strong we are. Afterwards Rintu's behaviour changed in a Friendly manner. Rinky used to play with him and learnt about the protection.
We should not think of anyone as inferior because we are in peak of pride.All who live in this world created by God must rid themselves of haughty and live happily respecting others.

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